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Aris FC  U8-U12
  Developing young players is what Aris FC does best! Our coaches provide the highest level of technical training, including one-on-one sessions, ball handling, and foot skills training. Aris FC coaches strive to equip our u8-u12 age-groups with the tools they will need to advance to their level of play while learning the game. Our players truly love competing for Aris FC.
    With 6 to 9 players on the field, the players have new problems to solve. Players are encouraged to be creative and play out of difficult situations. Players roles and responsibilities are more defined. The teams are taught to work with and without the ball.

Aris FC U13-U18 
    Teams progress to 11v11. The tactical and physical side of the game becomes more important. Player development is still the primary focus but there is a stronger emphasis on winning. The players technical development is still a focus but with new demands.  During the game players are asked to take on more responsibilities tactically. 
  As each player matures, it is our mission to expose them to the next level of competitive play. Whether this is college at any division, semi-professional or professional, Aris FC coaches will give our players the tools needed to achieve their soccer goals.

We will walk each player step-by-step through the recruitment process. This includes helping them build a players profile, compiling highlight videos, and assisting them in reaching out and communicating with college-level coaches.