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Summer Camps and Clinics

Goalkeeper Training

As a former goalkeeper at the Division 1 program of Belmont University, Coach Nate will offer instructional, technical and fitness drills that will help goalkeepers stay agile and alert over the duration of a player's entire season to prepare for each match as much as possible. Knowing exactly what it takes to become a successful goalkeeper and play at the collegiate level is what makes Coach Nate the best for the job of teaching our goalkeepers of all ages (both boys and girls) what the position actually requires of them. 

Group Sessions

There will be group sessions for the entirety of this summer. Once there are enough keepers to start group sessions, Coach Nate will send out all info regarding training. These sessions are more about the basics of goalkeeping and are a good way to brush up on the essential skills a goalkeeper needs to effectively play the position for their team. All ages are invited to these sessions as it is not age specific training, but more so, a touch on the basics and essentials to ensure that the 18 yard box is always safe.

$25 per group session

*payable (cash or check) prior to session, made out to "Nate Sego"

One Hour (One on One) Sessions:

Want to have a one one one session? These sessions are much more intense and focus on specific skills that are more advanced. These sessions are meant for the keepers that KNOW they in fact want to be goalkeepers and want to further their abilities in the position to the next level. 

$40 per session

*payable (cash or check) prior to session made out to "Nate Sego"
: at location and time scheduled with Coach Nate


If you wish to sign your goalkeeper up for sessions with Coach Nate then please do so by contacting him via email or phone (listed below). All sessions are booked by request and will run for 1 hour in length.

You must contact Coach Nate at least 48 hours in advance to let him know if you will be attending group sessions or if you want to book a one on one session!

If you have any questions then please let Nate know and he will answer them promptly. 

Contact Info

Coach Nate Sego
Club Goalkeeper Coach/Director of Marketing & Social Media

Phone: 513-316-3934
E-mail: [email protected]